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About us

Our brief history from the Big Bang

Pangea Translation Services was founded in 2013 in Budapest. Our name comes from the Pangea supercontinent, an assembly of Earth's continental blocks that separated about 180 million years ago. It represents how we think about the world.

When we founded our company, our goal was to create a translation agency that is able to function in multiple industrial sectors, in a way that is transparent, easy to understand, and well defined. With this idea in mind, we strive to provide as much information as possible about our operation and the exact processes of our services.

We could say that we bring a fresh energy to the market. In the three years since we started our translation agency, we have gone through more significant development than most agencies do in a decade. In early 2016, we took our operation to the international level, not only in terms of our translator network, but in terms of our clients; we are now present in England, and, hopefully, will soon be in China as well.

We work with hundreds of translators all around the globe. We also have a group of developers, several project managers, and virtual assistants, specialized for file editing, data entry and administrative duties.

Company name: Pangea International LLC (Pangea International Kft.)
Business address: Suite 14, Second floor, 57 Podmaniczky Street, Budapest, Hungary, 1064
Company registration number: 01-09-282208
Court of company registration: Court of Company Registration of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Tax number: 25559673-2-42
IBAN: HU85 1170 5008 2114 8123 0000 0000

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Pangea. Understand the world.